Connecticut Trees: Swamp/Red Maple

Swamp Maple Info from EZ Tree CT Tree ServiceIt’s probably not too big a secret, but at EZ Tree and Brush Removal we love (and know a lot about) trees. As one of Connecticut’s top tree service companies, we better, right?! The truth is that each type of tree has it’s own characteristics and traits that need to be considered when we assess it.

Take the swamp maple (or red maple) for instance. This is one of the most common trees in Connecticut, and the eastern United States as  well. Though it’s leaves are green in the winter, it get’s the name red maple from the brilliant red color they turn to in fall.

Red Swamp Maple Leaves in Fall

The swamp maple moniker likely comes from the tree’s amazing range of acceptable habitats. They can found in wet swampy areas and dry soil, just about the only thing they can’t tolerate is too much salt. But of course, though they can survive in a host of different conditions, that doesn’t mean they’ll thrive.

Swamp maples prefer wetter habitats, and tend to grow best when this condition is met. They can be beautiful, tall, symmetrical trees that provide excellent shade. However, in a less than ideal placement, they can end up with a smaller crown and more raggedy looking appearance. The overall hardiness of the tree allows it to survive this though, and the tree can live up to, and occasionally over, 150 years.

The wood from this maple tends to be pretty good for a variety of purposes, somewhere in hardness between sugar maple and Norway maple. It will burn pretty hot, but not as long as harder varieties like sugar, or different species like oak and hickory. Red/swamp maple is often used for lumber for making things like furniture.

If you’ve got a swamp maple in your yard that you want pruned or taken down, give Bruce Abate a call at (203)-272-1396 or (203)-671-8180. As the owner and operator of EZ Tree and Brush Removal, he’ll go over what your options are for each tree, and how best to manage the trees on your property.

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